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Information and statistics in nuclear experiment and theory ISNET-3


Gian Maria Ziglio
+39 0461 314725
Monday, 16 November, 2015 (All day) to Friday, 20 November, 2015 (All day)

The aim of a workshop is to discuss the use of information theory in the analysis of experiments, and the use of applied mathematics and statistics within the context of theoretical models dealing with current and future experimental data. We will discuss how to assess the statistical and systematic errors on calculated quantities and how to validate model-based extrapolations. We will search for the methods that could help to quantitatively judge the predictive power of nuclear structure models and discuss statistical tools that could help to improve it. We will try to determine which statistical tools can be used to indicate the most influential observables that will significantly constrain theoretical models. The principal aim is to determine statistical tools of nuclear theory that will help planning future experiments and experimental programs.

Registration period: 
13 Sep 2015 to 01 Nov 2015
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Registration closed 02/11/2015.


Bartlomiej Szpak (Main Organizer) INP - Polish Academy of Sciences - Krakow
David Ireland University of Glasgow
Witold Nazarewicz FRIB/NSCL - Michigan State University


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