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LFC15: physics prospects for Linear and other Future Colliders after the discovery of the Higgs


Gian Maria Ziglio
+39 0461 314725
Monday, 7 September, 2015 - 09:00 to Friday, 11 September, 2015 - 12:00
ECT* Conference room

This workshop will explore the impact of QCD effects on the choice of future high energy accelerators, where to pursue effective studies of the BEH (Brout-Englert-Higgs) boson in view of ascertaining its true nature. We shall discuss the implications of the fact that its hadronic signatures are indeed the least accessible ones at present and examine possible origins of the BEH boson from physics Beyond the Standard Model. The workshop will include presentations from leading participants in studies of future projects, both Linear and Circular colliders, including Cosmic Ray projects as well. Comparison with LHC results from the coming run at 13 TeV and the future high luminosity option will highlight the new frontiers to explore.

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06 Jul 2015 to 23 Aug 2015
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Registration closed 24/08/2015.


Stefania De Curtis INFN Firenze
Frederic Kapusta lpnhe - in2p3
Francois Richard LAL - IN2P3 Universite' de Paris Sud
Giulia Pancheri INFN Frascati
Stefano Moretti University of Southampton
Gennaro Corcella INFN Frascati


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