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Guidelines for Workshop Organizers

Workshop coordinator

In case a workshop has more than one organizer, one should be identified as the coordinator. Once the Scientific Board has accepted the proposed workshop, the local workshop secretaries will contact the coordinator and will assist him/her in the preparation of the workshop. The local workshop secretaries also allocate the workshop budget. If the workshop is directly supported by HORIZON2020 Projects, its ‘group leader’ (the coordinator) is asked to follow the additional rules specified below. The ECT* workshop secretaries are Michela Chistè (, Susan Driessen ( and Barbara Gazzoli (

Timeline for the preparation of the workshop

1. Preparation of the poster: the organizers should, at an early stage, ensure a firm commitment from the key participants and prepare a list of the main topics. This information should be communicated to the secretary in charge of the workshop at least 3 months prior to the beginning of the workshop in order to prepare the poster. Once the workshop poster has been finalized, it will be published on the ECT* website.

2. Registration of participants: each participant is asked to fill in a registration form online. This form is accessible on the workshop page on the ECT* website. The registration is usually open from 2 months until 3 weeks before the beginning of the workshop.

3. Selection of participants: the organizers have online access to the list of registered participants and can select the participants by ‘approving’ their registration. The organizers should also suggest the level of support for each approved participant (Eventbrite) and indicate it on the web form. The selection of the participants should be done shortly after the registration has been closed, in order to allow ECT* secretaries to make the necessary arrangements. 

4. Detailed program: the organizers should set up a website in Indico with the description of the workshop, the outline of the scientific program and a list of participants. This website and the program should be prepared well in advance of the workshop. A link will be put on the ECT* home page. The workshop organizer should keep the program updated and upload the workshops talks in Indico.

5. Final Report: after the workshop, the coordinator should submit a workshop report. This report, which will be part of the ECT* annual report, has to be communicated to the ECT* secretary not later than 2 weeks after the closing date of the workshop. The report should be prepared as a Word file, using the template at the bottom of this page.

6. HORIZON2020 projects: the ‘group leader’ of a workshop supported by HORIZON2020 should fill out a questionnaire to be submitted to the European Commission and provide ECT* with a brief report within two weeks after the end of the workshop. This report should contain two paragraphs, maximum of ten lines each, summarizing the objectives and the achievements of the project. The questionnaire can be found under: . The secretary in charge of the workshop will send an email to the group leader with instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire

7. Workshop budget: each ECT* workshop is funded by ECT*. Some workshops might receive additional funds through HORIZON2020 Projects, or other sources agreed upon through MoU’s with ECT*. Efforts should be made by the organizers to obtain additional external funds. The workshop budget will be finalized three weeks prior the beginning of the workshop.

Support categories for participants

There are three possible levels of support:

  1. Participants with full support (up to 100%): accommodation and all meals provided for the duration of the workshop are covered;
  2. Participants with partial support for local expenses: ECT* covers all meals provided during the workshop. In addition, 30 Euro/night for hotel expenses are paid directly by ECT* to the hotel;
  3. Participants with support for all meals: "All Meals" means all lunches, a welcome dinner, a social dinner, and all coffee breaks.

Note that ECT* does not reimburse lunches/dinners outside of the workshop program.

Travel expenses

In case ECT* receives external funds for a workshop (sollicited by the organizers), travel expenses might be covered. As a rule, ECT* encourages the use of prepaid tickets. In this case, the workshop secretary should be informed well in advance to be able to buy the travel tickets.