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Precision measurements of the strong coupling constant


Christian Fossi
+39 0461 314731
Monday, 11 February, 2019 - 08:30 to Friday, 15 February, 2019 - 14:00
ECT* meeting room

The workshop aims at exploring in depth the current status and upcoming prospects in the determination of the QCD coupling constant alpha_S(m_Z) from the key observables where high precision measurements and theoretical calculations are (or will be) available: lattice QCD, hadronic decays of tau leptons, deep-inelastic electron-proton scattering and global parton density analyses, QCD corrections to electroweak precision observables, and analysis of hadronic final states in high energy particle collisions (e+e-, ep, and pp).

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17 Dec 2018 to 29 Jan 2019
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Registration closed 30/01/2019.


David d’Enterria CERN
Stefan Kluth Max-Planck-Institute for Physics / Werner-Heisenberg-Institute (MPP)


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