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POSTPONED to 2021 | Diffractive and Electromagnetic Processes at High Energies


Staff ECT*
Tuesday, 30 June, 2020 - 10:00

This workshop addresses QED and QCD processes for which data have recently become available in pp, pA and AA-collisions at the ongoing RHIC and LHC programmes.

The study of asymmetric pA-collisions allows the comparison of $\gamma Pb$ to $\gamma p$ collisions, and addresses the issue of onset of gluon saturation, and nuclear gluon shadowing. The study of central exclusive production in pp-collisions at high energies addresses a variety of issues pertinent to hadron physics, such as the existence of glueballs and non-$q\bar{q}$ states in the light-quark and the strangeonia sector. Central production at the high energies of the LHC is dominated by pomeron-pomeron fusion. Of particular interest here is the question of the spin structure of the pomeron, and whether centrally produced systems can reveal information of this spin structure.


NEW DATE: 15-19 February 2021


Rainer Schicker Physikalisches Institut Universität Heidelberg
Antoni Szczurek Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN
Guillermo Contreras Nuno Czech Technical University
Evgeny Kryshen NRC Kurchatov Institute PNPI (Petersburg)