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POSTPONED to 2021 | Neutron Stars as Multi-Messenger Laboratories for Dense Matter


Staff ECT*
Monday, 25 May, 2020 - 09:00

The equation of state (EOS) for strongly-interacting matter is of great interest for the nuclear physics and astrophysics, and there are strong theoretical, experimental, and observational efforts to elucidate its properties at supra-nuclear densities. Many new observational data from gravitational wave facilities, X-ray satellites, and nuclear experiments become available and contribute to the global understanding of neutron-star physics. Together with nuclear experimental inputs and theoretical advances, this wealth of new results is expected to improve the understanding of the neutron-star core and the supra-nuclear EOS.

This workshop brings together experts in nuclear physics and observations in 2019, the golden year for neutron-star physics with the first results from NICER and the third campaign of the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, to critically examine these individual pieces of data, their robustness and required precision, to form a better understanding of the new results and obtain robust constraints on the EOS of dense matter.


NEW DATE: 14-18 June 2021


Ingo Tews Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bruno Giacomazzo University of Milano
Sebastien Guillot CNRS Toulouse
Jerome Margueron IPN Lyon
Samaya Nissanke University of Amsterdam