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POSTPONED to 2021 | Relativistic Fermions in Flatland: theory and application


Staff ECT*
Monday, 8 June, 2020 - 08:30

Planar fermions occur frequently in layered systems and are extensively studied in condensed matter physics; for instance, electronic properties of graphene have long been understood in terms of relativistic fermions centered on Dirac points in momentum space, but the influence of interactions between charge-carrying degrees of freedom is less well understood and remains an active field of study. Other examples are furnished by cuprate superconductors and materials with symmetry-protected topological phases. Quantum fermions in 2+1d also present many theoretical challenges, and there is a parallel renaissance of interest involving among others workers in large loop-order perturbation theory, functional renormalisation group, conformal bootstrap, and lattice simulation, tools mainly developed for particle theory, for whose practitioners such systems encapsulate essential challenges for their respective agendas.

A week-long workshop is a perfect opportunity to assemble attendees spanning this diverse community, stimulate knowledge exchange, and spawn fresh research directions.


NEW DATES: 5-9 July 2021




Holger Gies Friedrich Schiller University Jena
John Gracey University of Liverpool
Igor Herbut Simon Fraser University