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Transport of Energetic Electrons in Solids, 3rd edition

Maurizio Dapor
This volume is an extended edition of a book published in 2014 (first edition) and 2017 (second edition). It provides all the information necessary to the reader to write his/her own Monte Carlo code. The possibility to compare the obtained results with the many numerical and experimental examples presented through the text can help the reader to better describe and understand the processes and the phenomena concerning the transport of electrons and positrons in solid targets. The updated content of this third edition includes the theory of the spin-polarized electron beams, the study of elastic scattering by molecules, a simple derivation of the Bethe-Bloch stopping power formula, the f-sum rule and the ps-sum rule, the Vicanek and Urbassek formula for the calculation of the backscattering coefficient, and the Wolff theory of the secondary electron spectra. A new chapter is devoted to the basic concepts of computational physics. Another chapter is dedicated to the elementary aspects of the interaction of beams of electrons and positrons with thin solid films (the so-called multiple reflection method). Further comparisons between theory and experimental data are presented here as well.
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