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Khuri-Treiman equations for 3pi decays of particles with spin

M. Albaladejo, D. Winney, I.V. Danilkin, C. Fernández-Ramírez, V. Mathieu, M. Mikhasenko, A. Pilloni, J.A. Silva-Castro
Khuri-Treiman equations have proven to be a useful theoretical tool in the analysis of three-body decays, especially into the 3π final state. In this work we present in full detail the necessary generalization of the formalism to study the decays of particles with arbitrary spin, parity, and charge conjugation. To this extent, we find it most convenient to work with helicity amplitudes instead of the so-called invariant amplitudes, especially when dealing with the unitarity relations. The isobar expansions in the three possible (s-, t-, and u-) final channels are related with the appropriate crossing matrices. We pay special attention to the kinematical singularities and constraints of the helicity amplitudes, showing that these can be derived by means of the crossing matrix.
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Phys.Rev. D101 (2020) 5, 054018