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The Nuclear Dipole Polarizability and its Impact on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics


Ines Campo
+39 0461 314721
Monday, 18 June, 2012 - 12:30 to Friday, 22 June, 2012 - 12:30

The workshop concentrated on reporting and understanding recent measurements of the nuclear dipole excitation strength, particularly at low energies, with a focus on electric excitations. The related observables have relations to the neutron radius and neutron skin in nuclei, which are also currently under investigation. Both quantities play a key role in improving the predictive power of nuclear structure theory in the isovector channel. In turn, this has a strong impact on understanding the structure of neutron stars and neutron-rich environments in astrophysics

Registration period: 
20 Sep 2012
Key speakers: 
B. Agrawal (Kolkata, India) A. Bauswein (MPA München, Germany) K. Boretzky (GSI, Germany) M. Brenna (Milan, Italy) B.A. Brown (MSU, USA) F. Crespi (Milan, Italy) J. Dobaczewski (Warsaw, Poland) J. Endres (Cologne, Germany) J. Engel (UNC, USA) S. Frauendorf (Notre Dame, USA) K. Hebeler (OSU, USA) C. Horowitz (Indiana, USA) T. Inakura (RIKEN, Japan) M. Kortelainen (Jyväskyläe, Finland) K. Kumar (UMass, USA) J. Lattimer (Stony Brook, USA) H. Lenske (Gießen, Germany) E. Litvinova (GSI, Germany) M. Matsuo (Niigata, Japan) N. Paar (Zagreb, Croatia) P. Pakanstontantinou (Orsay, France) I. Poltoratsa (Darmstadt, Germany) V.Yu. Ponomarev (Darmstadt, Germany) J. Piekarewicz (FSU, USA) N. Pietralla (Darmstadt, Germany) X. Roca Maza (Milan, Italy) C. Romig (Darmstadt, Germany) H. Sagawa (Aizu, Japan) W. Satula (Warsaw, Poland) D. Savran (GSI, Germany) R. Schwengner (Rossendorf, Germany) S. Siem (Oslo, Norway) P.A. Souder (Syracuse USA) A. Tamii (RCNP, Japan) I. Tews (Darmstadt, Germany) A. Tonchev (HIGS, USA) A. Zilges (Cologne, Germany)


Paul-Gerhard Reinhard Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg
Achim Schwenk TU Darmstadt (D)
Witold Nazarewicz FRIB/NSCL - Michigan State University
Peter Von Neumann-Cosel TU Darmstadt