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Exciting Baryons: Design and Analysis of Complete Experiments for Meson Photoproduction


Ines Campo
+39 0461 314721
Monday, 30 June, 2014 - 09:00 to Friday, 4 July, 2014 - 17:30
ECT* Conference room

Photoproduction of mesons on the nucleon has become a rich source of information about excited baryons. The purpose of this Workshop is to discuss the opportunities and challenges which are created by the advent of a large amount of polarization observables in meson photoproduction. The main topics of the workshop include (i) Status of meson photoproduction experiments with all possible degrees of polarization, (ii) Complete experiments in pseudoscalar-meson photoproduction and model-independent baryon resonance analysis, (iii) Partial wave analyses, (iv) Nucleon resonances and partial waves in lattice QCD.

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28 Apr 2014 to 15 Jun 2014
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Registration closed 16/06/2014.


Lotar Tiator University of Mainz
Jan Ryckebusch University of Ghent
Annalisa D'Angelo University of Rome


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